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Medical devices are used to identify people’s health status. Because of that, most medical device manufacturers are devoted to offer precise and reliable products to public. Meanwhile, authorities already developed international standards and regulations for medical device manufacturers to follow. Different aspects such as product design, manufacturing and quality assurance shall be comprehensively attained before launching the medical device to the market.


Considering the complexities of testing and verification in product development process, medical device manufacturers are all expecting to have compliant testing tools to simplify required tests against standards and regulations. However, there’re no test equipment which can meet this market demand. Hence, medical device manufacturers have to spend time and resources studying and developing test fixtures to verify product designs by their own.


WHALETEQ Co., LTD is a professional test solution provider founded in September 2013. We design, produce, and sell test solutions including test equipment and associated services for medical devices.

Established by a team of experts specialized in test equipment and medical certification, WHALETEQ strives to offer simple, accurate, and compliant test solutions.

Our value is to help customers save labor time, increase design quality, and launch the medical device to the market in time.Our success comes from reducing customer’s resource to achieve product quality, production capability and regulation requirements. Hundreds of globally well-known medical device manufacturers, certification laboratories, and regulation testing institutes adopted WHALETEQ test solutions one after another since 2013.

WHALETEQ Co., LTD will keep focusing on providing test solutions for vital signs devices and provide releated test services for the industry.  


We deliver not only convenient but also easy-to-use test equipment and services.


We strive to create added value for customer.


  • 01
    WHALETEQ offers compliant and accurate test solutions complied with medical standards.
  • 02
    WHALETEQ provides test management tool and remote control service through Internet and big data, to follow the principle of product life cycle defined in medical regulations.
  • 03
    WHALETEQ’s test solutions can save customer’s labor and time studying medical standards. Customer can allocate resources for developing and verifying product in a better way.

With our products, engineers will be able to focus on product design without feeling burdened by the standards and regulations. We strive to make your work easy.”

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