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2022 / 09 / 30

WhaleTeq will attend MEDICA 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany

MEDICA Invitation Letter

WhaleTeq, MEDICA 2022

It is an honor for WhaleTeq to invite you to MEDICA 2022. Start from ECG testing, WhaleTeq has been devoted to design compliant medical device testers for manufacturers. This exhibition will surely benefit the visitors who seek effective ways to verify and validate medical devices.
Visit the exhibition on 14th to 17th Nov at Convention Center Düsseldorf, Germany. Looking forward to seeing you at our booth at Hall 10 C32!

MEDICA Location

Highlights of our medical device testers:

【ECG Simulator】








The standalone ECG simulator with built-in test circuits per defined in ECG standards


CMRR 3.0+

The Common Mode Rejection Ratio tester avoids mains frequency noise interference



【Oximeter Device Tester】

Transmittance SpO2 Tester

The transmittance and reflectance SpO2 modules work with the AECG100 simulator to verify PPG, PWTT, and SpO2 functions


【AED Testing and Management System】

Total Solution for Managing AED

A comprehensive AED Testing and Management system with APP-based verifiable compliance tests, up-to-date AED status reminders and digitally documented reports to get rid of paper forms.


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