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-ECG/EKG Testing

CDCA Database Comparison Software

A quick tool to compare database test result and perfect algorithm. Standard Coverage : IEC 60601-2-25, YY 0782. Applicable for R&D and compliance testing

  • Support digital and analog data input to ensure your algorithm fully meet the standard requirements.
  • Test data can be imported automatically via the pre-defined file format or input manually.
  • Intuitive software interface allows user to complete the comparison within a few mouse clicks.
  • Comparison result can be exported to a report file.
Category Detail
Supported Standards IEC 60601-2-25:2011、YY 0782-2010
Supported Databases CTS、CSE
Supported Test Options - CTS Amplitude • P1 amplitude
• P2 amplitude
• Q amplitude
• R amplitude
• S amplitude
• J amplitude
• ST20 amplitude
• ST40 amplitude
• ST60 amplitude
• ST80 amplitude
• T amplitude
Supported Test Options - CTS Interval & Duration Absolute • P Duration
• PR Interval
• QRS Duration
• QT Interval
• Q Duration
• R Duration
• S Duration
Supported Test Options - CSE Global Intervals  • P Duration
• PR Interval
• QRS Duration
• QT Interval
Supported Test Options - CSE Against NOISE (YY0782) • P Duration
• QRS Duration
• QT Interval
• 50 Hz noise
• 60 Hz noise
• High frequency noise
• Baseline noise
Supported Report • CTS Amplitude Analog Testing Report
• CTS Amplitude Digital Testing Report
• CTS Absolute Interval and Duration Analog Testing Report
• CTS Absolute Interval and Duration Digital Testing Report
• CSE Global Intervals Testing Report
• CSE Against NOISE Analog Testing Report
• CSE Against NOISE Digital Testing Report
Supported Report Export Format RTF file (Compatible with MS Word)
Model No. Description
CDCA CTS/CSE medical database comparison software

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