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-ECG/EKG Testing


The ECG simulator designed for ECG performance testing. Capable of adding noise, respiration and lead-off simulations. Flexible operation modes for standalone or PC software. Suitable for R&D and compliance testing. Compliant with IEC60601-2-25, -2-27, -2-47, YY1079, YY1139, YY0782, YY0885, JJG760, JJG1041, JJG1042, GB9706.25, GB10793, ANSI/AAMI EC11, EC13

  • Built-in test circuits per defined in ECG standards
  • Adjustable parameters and selectable options enable to verify DUT with flexibility
  • Multiple noise simulations - EMG/Motion/Baseline drift
  • Various Signal Simulations - Impedance Type Respiration, Wave Modulation Type (Baseline/Amplitude/Frequency) Respiration and lead-off simulation
  • Auto-sequence function assist to conduct semi-automated tests
  • Load and play recorded or programmed waveforms
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) allows to develop customized or automated test software with less efforts.
Parameter Specification  System capability 
Main output voltage accuracy ±1% for amplitudes of 0.5mVpp or higher ±0.3%
Main output voltage resolution
(DAC resolution)
N/A 2.5µV
Frequency / pulse repetition rate accuracy ±1% ±0.1%
Pulse duration / timing accuracy ±1ms ±0.2ms
Pacing pulse width accuracy ±5μs ±1μs
Pacing pulse amplitude accuracy, range ±2mV pulse: ±1%
>2mV pulse: ±10%
Range: ±2mV to ±700mV
±2mV pulse: ±0.3%
100mV pulse: ±1% or ±5mV
Pacing pulse characteristics Rise/fall time 5μs
Overshoot <1%
Settling time <1%
Pacing pulse overshoot (intentional) Method A according to IEC 60601-2-27  
Resistor tolerance ±1% ±0.5%
Capacitor tolerance ±5% ±5%
Precision 1000:1 divider
±0.1% ±0.05%
Sample rate 5kHz ± 0.1% 10kHz ± 0.05% (50ppm)
DC offset (fixed, noise free, sourced from internal super capacitor) 300mV ±1% 300mV ±0.1%
DC offset (variable, up to 1000mV, may include up to 50μVpp noise) Setting ±1% or ±3mV Setting ±1% or ±3mV


SECG 5.0 AIO Test System
Model No. Description
SECG 5.0 AIO Standalone ECG simulator with 12 leads (RA, LA, LL, N,V1–V6) output for ECG performance tests
Optional Software Add-on Pack
Model No. Description
SECG5 Assistant-E25 Auto setup for IEC60601-2-25:2011 performance tests.
SECG5 Assistant-E27 Auto setup for IEC60601-2-27:2011 performance tests.
SECG5 Assistant-E47 Auto setup for IEC60601-2-47:2012 performance tests.
SECG5 Assistant-YY0782 Auto setup for YY0782-2010 performance tests.
SECG5 Assistant-YY0885 Auto setup for YY0885-2013 performance tests.
SECG5 Assistant-YY1079 Auto setup for YY1079-2008 performance tests.
SECG5 Assistant-YY1139 Auto setup for YY1139-2013 performance tests.
Optional Calibration Service and Warranty Extension
Model No. Description
C3 Provides (3) years of calibration service coverage. WhaleTeq equipment can be calibrated to original performance on the basis of (1) year interval.
R3 Extend the product warranty from (1) year to (3) years.


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