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-EEG Testing


High frequency coupling network test fixture for EEG devices. Compliant with IEC80601-2-26:2019.

  • Built-in test circuits as defined in IEC 80601-2-26:2019 Clause 202.8.101 Disturbances from HF SURGICAL EQUIPMENT
  • High power rating (>300 W) and low inductance circuits. Good heat dissipation capacity and fulfill the requirements of the standard stated less than 5 μH inductance 
  • Work with SEEG 100E breakout box
  • Test Fixture Power Rating: >300 W
  • Resistor Inductance: <5 μH
  • Frequency range: DC to 100 MHz
  • Use Non-Inductive Power Resistors: Resistance Tolerances to ±5%, TCR of ±100 ppm/C, Power Rating 200 W/pcs
  • Skin impedance simulated circuit - Resister : 51 kΩ <±5%, Capacitor: 47 nF <±5% COG

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