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Test Solution for
SpO2 Testing

The functional tester tests the pulse oximeter device with a signal of a predictable R value, verifies its function, and evaluates its ability to reproduce the calibration curve designed in it. The calibration curve is proportional to the R values and we can call it “R curves”.


A FUNCTIONAL TESTER presents the PULSE OXIMETER EQUIPMENT with a signal having a predictable value of R, so that the RESPONSIBLE ORGANIZATION can observe the resulting displayed value of SpO2, and evaluate it in comparison to expectations for that particular PULSE OXIMETER MONITOR model. If the tester MANUFACTURER knows the calibration curve that has been designed into a particular PULSE OXIMETER MONITOR, the MANUFACTURER can accurately produce the R value which ought to lead to a particular value of SpO2, e.g. 85 %. Then the PULSE OXIMETER EQUIPMENT can be evaluated for its ability to reproduce the calibration curve that was designed into it.


Fig1. Fill in 3 sets of DC/AC parameters and DUT corresponding SpO2 values


Fig2. The R-Curve is generated accordingly 


Fig3. Output test signals based on R-Curve equation

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