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-Application Notes

Subject Brief overview
How to Verify Respiratory Rate Extracted from ECG and PPG Signal This article introduces the respiration rate collected by ECG or PPG technology and the test method
How to Measure the Amplitude Linearity, Dynamic Range and DC Offset Tolerance of Various ECG Devices This article introduces the test methods and steps for how to measure amplitude linearity, dynamic range and DC offset tolerance of ECG devices
The Strategy You Can Apply to Validate ECG Device Conducting repetitive validation tests via WhaleTeq MECG 2.0 test system can easily assure the validation process for each revision are completed
How to Test Wearable Device with Reflectance-based Pulse Oximeter Function This article introduces how to test the wearable device with pulse oximeter function
Principle and Method for Input Impedance Testing This article will explain the principle of input impedance and calculate the value of the input impedance of the ECG with an example.
How to Use Testers to Verify Basic Performance of ECG Systems The exclusive testers designed for R&D, Compliance and production line testing
CMRR Test Principle and Method Introduce the test principle and test method for CMRR testing
Validate ECG-based HRV Algorithm Introduce the test methods for validating ECG-based HRV algorithm
MECG Range Why NST Noise waveforms are not embeded in MECG.
High Frequency Dielectric Strength Test For IEC 60601-2-2 & IEC60601-2-18 dielectric strength test
ECG Filters Introduce how the filters design affect ECG tests
ECG Low Frequency Response Impulse Test ECG Low Frequency Response Impulse Test
ECG Input Impedance and Noise ECG - Input Impedance and Noise
ECGs 3 Lead tests ECGs 3 Lead tests

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