WhaleTeq Co., Ltd today announces the release of Universal Medical Standard TRF Generator software, the first compliance assistant software covers of conducting compliance testing via WhaleTeq testers and generating IEC-compliant report.

The TRF Generator software supports SECG 5.0 AIO, SECG 4.0, CMRR 3.0+ and CMRR 3.0. Capable of offering TRF reports for IEC60601-2-25, IEC60601-2-27 and IEC60601-2-47. To simplify the testing efforts, you just need to fill in the questionnaire to confirm the product characteristics and corresponding test clauses shall appear to prevent from human ignorance.

On top of that, you can initiate the testing via clicking the test table and then TRF Generator software shall control WhaleTeq tester to send test signal. All you need to do is to observe DUT and fill in the test value. TRF Generator software shall determine the test result and all test data can be saved. Moreover, you can import database comparison results if you ever completed the database comparison via WhaleTeq RDCA or CDCA software.

The TRF Generator software is made for your convenience and save your overall cost and time!