WhaleTeq Co., Ltd recently released the new generation tester CMRR 3.0+ to facilitate CMRR tests required by medical standards.

CMRR 3.0+ is now equipped with a touch screen and the test parameters can be adjusted and checked in an easier way under standalone operation.


Common Mode Rejection Ratio Tester – CMRR 3.0+


If you have a higher requirement for CMRR, CMRR 3.0+ is now capable of adding the exclusive shielding covers to improve the shielding effect. Based on our test environment and ECG DUT, the best CMRR value under the imbalance test can be up to 113dB

CMRR 3.0+ with Shielding Covers


In general, CMRR 3.0+ provides 3 major advantages for CMRR testing:


All-In-One Integration to Increase Test Efficiency

  • Built-in calibrated sine wave signal generator with 70.71/20/2/2.828/0.5 Vrms voltage output.
  • Built-in calibrated voltage meter circuit. No needs to use the external meter to measure the output value.
  • Built-in MCU and electronic relays. All RC circuits (51KΩ/47nF), ±300 mV DC and other voltage selections can be switched manually or automatically. No needs to replace patient cables manually as DC Offset can be added to RA/LA/LL/V1~V6 separately.


Multiple Operation Modes Offer Test Flexibilities

  • Knobs and touch screen assist to adjust and check the test parameters quickly under standalone operation.
  • Easy to conduct repeated tests under PC software operation.
  • CMRR Assistant software simplifies medical standards into parameters, options and test sequences. Follow the software instructions and you can complete the required tests easily.
  • SDK (Software Development Kit) allows user to develop customized or automated test software.


Compliant with Medical Standard Test Requirements

  • IEC60601-2-25/27/47/26
  • YY0782/0885/1079/1139
  • AAMI/ANSI EC11/13


We simplify and explain the procedures to save your time!


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