Although more and more varieties and functions have been included in today's smart watches, wearables still get serious about heart rate as it can tell much about overall health.


However, what determines which smart watch has the best heart rate monitor in the world? You could name a lot of global brands but there seems no universal test equipment or tool that can assist the industry to validate more effectively. Many manufacturers simply rely on “human testing”  to confirm whether the heart rate monitor function is qualified, yet this is indeed a time consuming, not repeatable, and unproductive method.


Considering the mentioned disadvantages, WhaleTeq multifunction tester AECG100 is capable of providing repeatable and adjustable PPG (Photoplethysmography) signals for verifying the heart rate monitor function of your wearable. The tester not only outputs repeatable optical heart rate signals with adjustable DC, AC and PI (Perfusion Index) parameters, it can also be used to playback WhaleTeq PPG databases including AFib waveforms collected from clinical trials.


Using WhaleTeq AECG100 throughout the development phase to production phase, you won't need to only rely on testing with unreproducible “human live signals”!  


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