Nowadays people are getting easier to have the cardiovascular diseases and there’re more and more devices using PWTT (Pulse Wave Transit Time) technology to measure the blood pressure, one of the most important vital signs of human body.


PWTT is calculated for each heart beat from the ECG and PPG pulse wave. The major parameters of PWTT are PTTp and PTTf. PTTp refers to the time difference between ECG R peak to the peak of PPG waveform while PTTf refers to ECG R peak to the foot of PPG waveform.


Based on the PWTT technology, WhaleTeq AECG100 multifunction tester is designed with an exclusive PWTT test mode, capable of outputting ECG and PPG waveform simultaneously. On top of that, AECG100 provides flexibility to adjust parameters of PTTp and PTTf. It just takes a few clicks for user to verify whether DUT can determine the proper time difference between ECG and PPG waveform.


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