With intensive training over several months, WhaleTeq Co., Ltd is confident to state, Ikonix USA is the exclusive distributor for representing WhaleTeq - to provide the industry-leading test solutions for verifying vital signs devices of ECG, EEG, PPG heart rate, SpO2 and PWTT in the North American Market. Ikonix USA can provide professional and intuitive guides from R&D testing, design verification testing, quality assurance testing, medical compliance testing to production line testing.

Moreover, Ikonix USA is also certified to repair or calibrate WhaleTeq test equipment. With the after-sales service from Ikonix USA starting in January 2021, it will be more efficient and time-saving to have your WhaleTeq test equipment checked or repaired for full functionalities.

Contact Iknoix USA at 1-877-301-6335, email at info@ikonixusa.com. You may visit the WhaleTeq USA website at https://whaleteq-usa.com/ or WhaleTeq headquarters website at https://www.whaleteq.com for further information.