We are pleased to present our latest test solutions for medical devices as following –


Wearable Device Performance Testing


ECG, PPG Heart Rate, SpO2 and PWTT multifunction tester designed for verifying wearable device with vital signs monitoring system.


ECG Testing

<SECG 5.0 AIO>

The new generation performance tester for IEC 80601-2-86 compliance tests.

<CMRR 3.0+>

The CMRR tester combines accuracy, convenience and test automation all together.


<Medical Device Standard Assistant Software>

Click the test table to initiate the test clause with test sequences, parameters, and options for minimizing your testing efforts. The test result can be saved to file.


<Medical Device Test Report Form Generator Software>

Complied with regulatory requirements, IEC TRF (Test Report Form) can be automatically generated based on the test result file of medical standard assistant software and the questionnaire input from user.


EEG Testing

<SEEG 100E>

The EEG performance tester designed  for IEC 80601-2-26:2019 compliance tests.

<CMRR 3.0E>

The EEG common mode rejection ratio tester designed  for IEC 80601-2-26:2019 compliance tests.

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