Recently, Internet frauds have become much more serious, especially those who send emails to our partners in the name of WhaleTeq Co., LTD, /our employees to achieve illegal purposes, such as:


  • Temporary change of remittance account/remittance information
  • Urgent remittance with the changed account number
  • Request to communicate with you through this e-mail address (Chat on Email)
  • Asking you to complete an unreasonable “Obligation” within a very short period of time
  • Asking you to provide personal information, such as e-mail account and password
  • Send fake e-mails in the name of company executives, and use similar e-mail URLs to confuse people. Such as:,


WhaleTeq reminds you to pay attention to whether the email address is the person you usually communicate with, and you should avoid opening attachment files, URL links and applications from unknown sources. If you have any doubts about the content of the email, please confirm with us through ways other than email, such as telephone or communication software, to ensure the security of your personal data and reduce the risk of property loss.