Since 2013, WhaleTeq has been committed to helping customers shorten the time to market, ensure the compliance and quality of medical equipment, and further foster the development and innovation of the medical industry. Now, as the world territory of WhaleTeq is expanding day by day, in order to provide customers with better and more timely services, we will start recruiting partners from all over the world from now on. We invite you to seize the opportunity with us and achieve a win-win-win situation!

Product Overview

As an authorized distributor, you will have the right to sell the following products and services offered by WhaleTeq:



If you are interested in becoming a distributor for our company, please note the following requirements:

  1. Limited to registered and tax-compliant corporate entities in the country of operation.
  2. Alignment with WhaleTeq's business model and product offerings, demonstrating a genuine willingness to engage in long-term collaboration.
  3. Commitment to operating within designated territories only and adherence to company pricing policies without unauthorized modifications.

Requirements for Different Product Categories:

Product CategoryConditions
Testing Equipment    
  • Prior experience as a distributor of medical device test equipment
  • Relevant knowledge and expertise: familiar with product technical features, relevant regulations and standards
  • Sales ability: Strong sales skills and capabilities, including proactive lead generation, building partnerships, and effectively promoting products
  • Localization: Ability to promote and sell products within the target market or region, including having networks and resources and establishing good local partner relationship
Compliance Software    
  • Medical-related software supplier 
  • Software implementation and training: Assist clients in successful UDI compliance software implementation and provide corresponding training to ensure correct usage and compliance with UDI regulatory requirements
  • System integration capabilities: Ability to integrate UDI compliance software with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) or manufacturing execution systems (MES) to enable data sharing and streamline business processes
  • Technical support: Provide high-quality technical support and system maintenance services to ensure stable operation and resolution of customer issues 
  • Marketing and business support: Strong marketing capabilities to effectively promote UDI compliance software and provide business support, including sales materials, demonstrations, and customer communication
  • UDI regulatory knowledge: Familiar with UDI regulations, like relevant medical device regulations, particularly those related to UDI labeling and traceability
After-sales Maintenance Service    
  • Distributor in the AED supply chain
  • AED product knowledge: Basic knowledge of AED products, including different brands and models, maintenance requirements, and related technologies
  • CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) implementation and integration: Ability to implement and integrate CMMS systems to support customers' AED after-sales service management needs. Familiar with CMMS configuration, and the ability to effectively integrate data and information related to AED after-sales services
  • AED maintenance: Providing on-site inspection support to ensure the reliability and performance of AED
  • Data tracking and analysis: Utilize CMMS system to track and analyze AED equipment maintenance records, fault frequencies, and consumable usage, providing corresponding optimization reports


In order to accelerate the global expansion of WhaleTeq, and uphold the principle of "mutual prosperity" in the medical industry, we are actively recruiting distributors from around the world.

By becoming our distributor, you will receive full support from the professional team at WhaleTeq, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Comprehensive Training

Distributors are our valued partners, and we arrange training sessions regularly. Topics covered include an overview of medical regulations, product operation tutorials, application examples and success case studies, as well as competitor analysis.

  1. Innovative Profit Models 

Distributors have the opportunity to successfully explore new revenue streams, creating a win-win-win situation for distributors, WhaleTeq, and customers.

  1. Brand Image Building 

WhaleTeq has its own branding and visual design team, which has developed a complete visual identity for the company and its products. We continuously invest resources in brand promotion and advertising.

  1. Application of Professional Knowledge

Focusing on customer needs is the core of our partnership. We work closely with our partners to create suitable solutions and business models, enabling continuous growth and enhanced profitability in a rapidly changing environment.

By joining our network of agents, you will benefit from our expertise, resources, and collaborative approach. Together, we can seize opportunities in the medical industry and achieve mutual success.

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