WhaleTeq, a professional test solutions provider catering to the medical devices industry, today announced the introduction of its DFS360 tester designed specifically for defibrillator/AED manufacturers. Setting it apart from rivals are a superior capability to enhance production efficiency, hassle-free automation setup that brings user friendliness, and the capacity for going digital and offering a comprehensive production history of each final product, a must-have for Class III medical devices nowadays.

DFS360 is intended as a remedy to some common headaches that have to date bothered defibrillator/AED makers. Above all, it is crafted to withstand more intense defibrillation shocks over longer stretches: its taking shocks at 15-second intervals means a boost to testing capacity. The significantly higher production efficiency thus secured stands out as a no small departure from most other testers on the market. Insufficient automation and the lack of smooth machine-to-machine communication make it hard for them to increase productivity quickly enough to catch up with ever-growing global demand.

A single DFS360 is all it takes for defibrillator/AED manufacturers to perform testing across their production lines. On top of a complete device history record that is increasingly required of every end product, defibrillation waveform, energy joule, and waveform characteristic point readings are delivered simultaneously and can be readily saved and exported. Last but not least, SDK is offered to further facilitate production-line automation.

Applicable to tests on all AEDs and defibrillators, DFS360 also features exceptional accuracy in both adult and child modes and overheat warning protection. Moreover, it supports various ECG waveforms with optional user-defined patterns or clinical signals (up to 10 sets).


Product Features

- Display defibrillation shock waveform, energy joule numbers, as well as characteristics points at the same time

- Adult and child modes, along with 4 μs sampling rate raw data, to achieve high accuracy

- Applicable to all AEDs and defibrillators production line environment

- Thorough characteristics points of waveform & automatic calculated energy values

- The characteristics points data & waveform display can be saved and exported

- SDK provided to enhance AED manufacturing automation

- Dual loading model (DFS360D) to withstand more intense defibrillation shocks (at 15 seconds interval)

- Supporting various ECG waveforms with optional user-defined patterns or clinical signals (up to 10 sets) that can be updated remotely

- Over heat warning and function protection

- USB cable for continuous and sustainable power supply

- The optional paddle box set has outstanding electrical conductivity and mechanical characteristics. The conductive gel drainage grooves are designed for easy cleaning