PPG-2TF-660 Transmittance SpO2 Module
PPG-2TF-660 Transmittance SpO2 Module

Transmittance SpO2 Module

Works with the AECG100 main console or SECG 5.0 AIO Multi Vital Sign Simulator as the first transmittance SpO2 performance tester designed for R&D engineers in oximeter manufacturers.
This dual-channel optical module outputs R and IR analog signals to test heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) functions and is suitable for the development of transmittance PPG products such as finger clip oximeters and patient monitors to test performance.
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Due to COVID-19, people paid more attention to blood oxygen measurement at home. The finger-clip oximeter can measure blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) in a short time and became very popular. Manufacturers are committed to the development and innovation of new products.
After communicating with major brand manufacturers, we learned that to obtain more accurate test results, engineers are very much looking forward to having a simulator which is able to set AC and DC of R or IR analog signals, waveforms, frequency and amplitude arbitrarily when designing the blood oxygen function. To verify the challenges faced at each stage of the design, such as signal processing, frequency response, system integration verification, etc., above functions are essential. Therefore, the AECG100+ PPG-2TF-660 transmittance SpO2 performance module came into being. It can not only meet the flexible setting of PPG waveform expected by engineers, but also can develop its own exclusive R curve. There is no need to accommodate the limited and specific R curve. 

In addition to the above-mentioned full-featured and flexible tests, we also learned from our customers that engineers often need to perform quick verification. They not only need to confirm the performance of different competing products during the product development stage, but also need to verify the R-curve of the blood oximeter before mass production.  

The PPG- 2TF-660 system automatically calculates the R/IR DC value of the DUT and imports it into the SpO2 table to quickly establish the R curve, effectively verifying the quality of the oximeter. PPG-2TF-660 also has built-in functions for superimposing 14 kinds of ambient light signals, simulating respiratory variations, and multiple sets of commonly used R curves, making the test more comprehensive and efficient.

At the same time, to assist engineers conduct testing more efficiently, we also provide a free Software Development Kit (SDK), which helps to develop automated testing software, flexibly expand testing capabilities, and reduce human errors resulted from repeated settings and operations.  We can use the PPG- 2TF - 660 module to accurately test the blood oximeter to ensure accuracy and consistency, and meet the requirements of the blood oximeter product specifications. 






Basic Waveform Output

Outputs PPG Waveform, Sine, Triangle, and Square. Users can adjust large and precise parameters according to needs, and DC offset signal testing.


PPG Signal Generation

Simulates Sine, Triangle, and PPG analog signals, providing signals of green, red, and infrared light. It can measure reflectance PPG heart rate, SpO2, adjust the characteristic points of the PPG waveform in a large range, includes Systolic Peak (SP), Dicrotic Notch (DN), Diastolic Peak (DP), etc.


Adjustable Pulse Wave Transit Time

Simultaneously sends out ECG and PPG signals, adjusts the time difference between the two signals (PTTp, PTTf), and verifies the accuracy of the blood pressure algorithm of DUT.


Blood Oxygen R Curve Simulation 

Simulates the R curve of DUT to verify the SpO2 and perfusion index (PI) values.


Saving Test Parameters

Saves test parameters of different test items for integrated testing to reduce human errors.


Raw Data Playback

Replays raw data and reproduces clinically recorded or customized waveforms.


Automated Test

Supports automated testing, using software to control the entire testing process, and manually edit auto-sequence for testing.



Wide Testing Range to Meet Different Types of Finger Testing Needs

  • Wide range of light intensity adjustment and dynamic light detection functions 
  • Simulates signals of different fingers, built-in reflectance table 

Simulations that Are Closer to Time and Real Situations


  • Built-in 14 types of ambient light signal superposition 
  • Provides respiratory variation simulations



Customize or Load the Blood Oximeter R Curve for Quick Verification

  • Quickly establish the R curve of the DUT to test the quality consistency and accuracy of the oximeter
  • Provides R-curve examples of major brand manufacturers as reference for development


Software Development Kit for Flexible Development of Testing Program

  • Users can develop automated testing software according to their needs to control the testing process, reducing the burden of repetitive operations during extensive testing



    Product Specifications

    Heart RateSetting Range10 ~ 300BPM
    Minimum Step Size1BPM
    LED DC Level Reference OutputSetting Range (1)30 ~ 3000mV
    Minimum Step Size1mV
    LED AC Level Reference OutputSetting Range (1)0.75 ~ 30mV
    Minimum Step Size0.01mV
    PI (AC level / DC level) (2) Setting Range 0.025% ~ 30% (AC / DC, varies with AC or DC level)               
    Accuracy NA  
    LED1 Absolute Irradiance (100%)§     Intensity    2.36mW / m^2 
    Accuracy ±15% 
    LED2 Absolute Irradiance (ambient light)§Intensity    0.25mW / m^2
    LED Scan Rate Rate 50 ~ 40kHz (Normal mode / Standalone mode) (3)
    10kHz (Raw data mode)
     Accuracy ±5μs 
    PD Sample RateRate250kHz (Single channel)
    PD Response TimeRising1μs Typical (4)
    Falling1μs Typical (4)
    SpO2 %
    SpO2 parameter specifications (5)
    Setting Range1% ~ 100%
    Minimum Step Size1%
    Accuracy91% ~ 100%: ±1% + specified accuracy of the DUT
    81% ~ 90%: ±2% + specified accuracy of the DUT
    71% ~ 80%: ±3% + specified accuracy of the DUT
    Below 70%: with unspecified accuracy
    MCX LED VoltageAmplitudeAC level x 100

    §Data Collection Method: To connect the spectrometer with a 2-inch integrating sphere, and fix the integrating sphere on the DUT to measure the absolute irradiance of the LED of the DUT.

    (1) The AECG100 and SECG 5.0 AIO test systems adjust AC/DC output according to the linearity of LED electro-optical conversion.
    (2) The PI value may vary according to the different calculation methods of each manufacturer.
    (3) When used with the AECG100, it supports normal mode, standalone mode, and raw data mode; when used with the SECG 5.0 AIO, only the raw data mode is applicable.
    (4) PD response time varies with the light intensity of the DUT.
    (5) The SpO2 parameter specifications apply to SpO2 Test Mode.

    Ordering information

    SpO2 Module

    Part No.ImageDescriptionQuantity
    100-AE00007AECG100-2TF-660Model No.: PPG-2TF-660
    Model Name: Transmittance SpO2 module
    (two MCX (RF) male to BNC cables included)

    Compatible Products

    Part No.ImageDescriptionQuantity
    100-AE00001Model No.: AECG100
    The main console unit for ECG testing.
    100-EC00002Model No.: SECG 5.0 AIO
    Model Name: Multi Vital Sign Simulator
    The standalone ECG simulator with 12 leads (RA, LA, LL, N, V1 - V6) output for ECG performance tests.

    Optional Accessories

    Part No.ImageDescriptionQuantity
    K29-0300601MCX (RF) male to BNC cable (30cm)1


    Optional Calibration Service and Warranty Extension

    Part No.Description
    YY0007Model No.: C3
    Provides (3) years of calibration service coverage. WhaleTeq equipment can be calibrated to original performance on the basis of (1) year interval.
    YY0008Model No.: R3
    Extends the limited warranty from (1) year to (3) years.


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