BB-C1 ESD Breakout Box
BB-C1 ESD Breakout Box

BB-C1 ESD Breakout Box

The BB-C1 ESD breakout box is designed for the SECG 4.0 and the MECG 2.0.
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  • Supports the SECG 4.0 and the MECG 2.0 to connect DUTs such as ECG diagnostic or portable ECG devices, and offers 12-lead ECG testing
  • Adds ESD optimized circuit to meet 4KV / 8KV / 15KV ESD pass criteria
  • 8-channel analog signal output amplitude accuracy is the same as the standard breakout box

Ordering information

Part No.DescriptionQuantity
100-EC00005General purpose breakout box for ECG particular standards. Suitable for SECG 4.0, MECG 2.0. 1


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