BPA700 NIBP Simulator & Analyzer
BPA700 NIBP Simulator & Analyzer


NIBP Simulator & Analyzer is a performance testing device that can be used standalone or connected to a PC. It contains specification range, adjustable pulse envelope to set precise values. Compatible with all types of blood pressure monitors, benefits R&D and compliance testing.

Compliant test for IEC 80601-2-30, YY9706.230 and comply with simulator standard ISO/TS 81060-5.
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User ManualUser Manual


  • Compliant with IEC80601-2-30 standard testing, ensuring consistency and repeatability 

  • Adjustable blood pressure envelope to simulate different blood pressure

  • Compatible with all types of blood pressure monitors, including wrist, arm, and tunnel

  • Specification range: dynamic blood pressure range 10-300 mmHg and static pressure range 20-400 mmHg

  • Dynamic pressure repeatability within 2mmHg at maximal pulse volume

  • Provide Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop customized or automatic testing software

  • Auto-sequence assists users in easily creating semi-automatic test procedures for more efficient and automated testing 

  • Optional Standard Assistant Software simplifies the medical standard with test sequences, options, parameters and pass criterions

  • Standard Assistant Software with test report to help users keep records as HTML file

  • Waveform Playback Software to play recorded raw data or customized waveforms 

Application Note


Testing Scenario


       ↑ Wrist BP Monitor


       ↑ Arm BP Monitor


       ↑ BP Monitor test with Air Reservoir 



     ↑ Adjustable Pulse Envelope



      ↑ Display pressure-time graph and with four adjustable cursors to view detailed pressure and time



     ↑ Standard Assistant Software



     ↑ Generate test report automatically to keep records as HTML file 


Pressure UnitmmHg, kPa
ManometerRange: 0 to 400mmHg
Resolution: 0.1mmHg
Accuracy: ± (0.3% of reading + 0.5mmHg)
Pressure Source    Target Pressure: 20 to 400mmHg
Settle time: 5seconds
Resolution: 1mmHg
Accuracy: ± 0.5mmHg
Pulse Rate    

Range: 30 to 300bpm
Accuracy: ± 1bpm
Pulse Amplitude: 2mmHg max
 (500ml air réservoir)
Pulse Volume: 0 to 2ml

Leak Test    Leak Test Time: 0 to 300seconds
Target Pressure: 20 to 400mmHg
Range: 0 to 300mmHg/min
Overpressure Test    Release Time: 0 to 300seconds
Range: Automatic inflation
Instantaneous: 0 to 400mmHg
BP Envelope Shift    Systolic Range: ± 20mmHg
Diastolic Range: ± 20mmHg
BP Dynamic Range    Diastolic Range: 10 to 250mmHg
Systolic Range: 25 to 300mmHg
Dynamic NIBP Simulation Repeatability ±2mmHg
0.05mmHg (Standard deviation)
Self-Leakage    <1mmHg/min
(500ml air réservoir volume)
Environment    Operating Temperature: 10℃ to 40℃
Storage Temperature: 0℃ to 50℃
Humidity: 0–90% RH (Non-condensing)
Shape    Dimensions: 326.4 x 315 x 88mm 
Display: Graphic LCD Resolution 320 x 240pixels
Weight: 4.5kg
PowerAC 100-240V,50/60Hz

Ordering information

Test System 

Part No.DescriptionQuantity

Model No.: BPA700
Model Name: NIBP Simulator and Analyzer

Package contents:
●    USB Transfer Cable: Type-A to Type-B (Male to Male), 1.8m x1
●    Tube (14cm) x2
●    T-connector x1



Optional Software Add-on Pack

Part No.Description
HA0-BP18001Assistant Software      
HE0-BP00001Envelope Adjustment Software 


Optional Accessories

Part No.DescriptionQuantity
S21-0500201 500ml Air Reservoir      1
S21-0100301100ml Air Reservoir1
5HA-BP18012Tube (14cm)1


Optional Calibration Service and Warranty Extension

Part No.Description
YY0007Model No.: C3
Provides (3) years of calibration service coverage. WhaleTeq equipment can be calibrated to original performance on the basis of (1) year interval.
YY0008Model No.: R3
Extends the limited warranty from (1) year to (3) years.
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