Simplify your AED Inspection and Complete Testing
A unified and cost-effective AED Management System with up-to-date reminder, test report, status tracking, and device management. Also, it provides complete testing solution includes on-site inspection, shock energy test, and battery test, which helps you lower the legal risk of AED ownership.
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  • First AED After-sales Maintenance System designed for service partner with simple, affordable and complete AED testing solutions
  • Unified AED Management: Up-to-date reminder, test report, real-time status tracking and complete data management
  • Complete Testing Solution: Inspection, shock energy test, and independent battery test with compliance
  • Multi-Device Monitoring: Get push notifications by message or email in a timely manner
  • Smart AED management, testing, and monitoring with product classification, work order maintenance, and AED status indicator visualized real time on map
  • Smart Analysis of testing history and statistical reports to save manpower and time
  • Smart Alert: Automatic reminder and warning lights to prioritize maintenance work and ensure each AED availability
AED CMMS PLATFORM Benefit Analysis
ItemsAED CMMS PLATFORM Traditional AED inspection
Consumables managementThe system is calculated by itself and sends out a notice in advance to remind the replacementManual record / excel and others
Regular Maintenance Test• Multiple users, multiple fields, and multiple work orders can be managed at the same time
• Maintenance engineers operate with handheld DFS200 and APP
• It can detect the electric shock waveform and the remaining power of the AED, and intelligently analyze the proper condition of the parts
• Synchronous upload of data to AIMS, reducing human error
1~2 times / year manual inspection on paper, high error rate
Device conditionWith IoT module, it can do real-time detection and report, open abnormal work orders and track them in real-timeAfter the AED self-check abnormality is issued, there is no one to record and report back, and there is no tracking mechanism
Device historyThe system records the equipment history completely, the processing status of maintenance/consumables/abnormal events for easy accessManual record / excel and others


Inspectors test AEDs with the "DFS200 field tester" and "exclusive APP" on-site. Furthermore, the test data will upload to the AED CMMS PLATFORM. Managers of the devices can send work orders to inspectors directly. It supports AED owners to keep track of all installed AEDs and fulfill the AED after-sales intelligent management effectively.


Module Functions 




Testing Information
  • Use the indicator light to display the alarm status of the device, including operating status, device data and monitoring records
  • Display on regional map or as a table with filtering function
Task Management5 main types of work orders:
Installation, alarm, maintenance, training, and other orders
  • Classified content and status of each work order
  • Email notification of real-time work order status
  • Easy-to-use filter with user-defined criteria
Sales Management
  • Built-in AED model list: common brand models & accessories
  • Progressive hierarchical management for AED, including inventory information and sales records
Report Management
  • Provide modification, submission, sign-off, transmission, and viewed inspection details
  • Support multi-language and logo substitution
  • Summarize health status of AED and supplement IEC 60601-2-4 recommendations

Statistical Analysis

  • Statistical Data for Sales, work order and the AED monitoring status

Equipment Management

  • List complete equipment, display equipment status through different indicators
Order Management
  • Work order report with complete test results
  • Arrange the route of the work order to be processed
  • View the content and details of the work order
  • Upload on-site photo records
  • Sign and archive records after the work order confirmed


Manual Testing

  • Set the test signal output and pass-criteria
  • Various test sequence (up to six tested waveforms) and test file corresponding to different device brands/ models are available for customization
  • Display the test results and output waveform from AED
Battery Testing
  • Use probe with load to measure battery voltage and estimate remaining battery level 
  • Data record as long-term trend observation

Ordering information

Test System

DFS200 AED Field Tester SetContains DFS200 AED Field Tester, its standard accessories, USB cable, carrying bag, and battery measurement probe with load
(MOQ 100 ↑ )  
AED CMMS channel license fee for MOQ100 and above
(MOQ 100 ↓ )
AED CMMS channel license fee for MOQ less than 100
(Minimum order 10)


Test System Optional

Service Charge: Rental for DFS200Monthly rental fee of DFS200 AED Field Tester, its standard accessories, carrying bag, and battery measurement probe with load



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