TRF Generator
TRF Generator

TRF Generator

The ultimate test solution for compliance testing - simplify all your efforts conducting testing and generating TRF report.
Works with SECG 5.0 AIO, SECG 4.0, CMRR 3.0+ and CMRR 3.0.
Supports IEC60601-2-25, IEC60601-2-27 and IEC60601-2-47.
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  • Reduce test efforts and obtain qualified TRF report with consistency
  • Complete questionnaire to determine product characteristics and relevant test clauses
  • Effectively reduce human test errors
  • Decrease labor medical standard test training cost and time
  • Save time of test report summarization
  • Click the test table to control test equipment to initiate designated test directly
  • Database testing results from RDCA / CDCA can be imported
  • The report format can be updated in accordance with the latest IEC TRF report

Ordering information

Model No.Description
TRF-2-25TRF Report Generator for IEC 60601-2-25:2011
TRF-2-27TRF Report Generator for IEC 60601-2-27:2011
TRF-2-47TRF Report Generator for IEC 60601-2-47:2012
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