The simple and convenient neutral electrode contact impedance tester.
Standard Coverage: IEC 60601-2-2
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  • Designed according to IEC60601-2-2:2009 clause for testing NE contact impedance
  • Outputs 200mA into 0-50Ω load from 50KHz to 5MHz
  • Equipped with DDS (direct digital synthesis) technology for a stable frequency output
  • Inbuilt current monitor port eliminating the need for expensive current probes


Frequency range50kHz ~ 5MHz
Maximum voltage11Vrms (~31Vpp), ≥ 50Ω
Maximum Current>200mArms, ≤ 50Ω
Frequency Response< ±0.8dB, 50Ω
THD<0.3% (-50.4dB), at 200mArms, 50Ω, 1MHz
Impedance<3.2Ω + j0.4µH
Auxiliary equipment for contact impedance testOscilloscopes (Ch1 connects with voltage probe to measure voltage, Ch2 connects with HFPA150 current monitoring interface to measure the current value)
Current Measurement Accuracy< ±5%
Current Measurement Frequency Range50kHz ~ 5MHz
Current Measurement Connector TypeBNC

Power Source

Power Adapter
Input: 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Output: 12VDC / 2A
Environment10 ~ 40, 30% ~ 90% RH
Size / Weight18 x 18 x 4.8cm (L x W x H) / 0.7kg (net weight)

Ordering information

HFPA150 Test System

Model No.Description
HFPA150NE Contact Impedance Tester


Optional Accessory

Model No.Description
Resistor LoadAPA013, 1Ω/50Ω power resistor load for HFPA150 calibration


Optional Calibration Service and Warranty Extension

Model No.Description
C3Provides (3) years of calibration service coverage. WhaleTeq equipment can be calibrated to original performance on the basis of (1) year interval.
R3Extends the limited warranty from (1) year to (3) years.

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