PPG-1R-525 Reflectance Green Light Heart Rate Module
PPG-1R-525 Reflectance Green Light Heart Rate Module

Reflectance Green Light Heart Rate Module

The PPG-1R-525 works with the AECG100 main console or SECG 5.0 AIO Multi Vital Sign Simulator, as the reflectance heart rate performance tester designed for R&D in manufacturers. This single-channel optical module outputs green light analog signals to test the heart rate function. Besides, it also allows users to adjust the green light's rate of change of respiratory signals in PPG and set up add-on noise. It's suitable for the development and verification of reflectance PPG products such as wearable heart rate monitoring devices to test performance.
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Wearable devices have made our lives more convenient, making it easy to measure various vital signs, such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and blood pressure. Many well-known manufacturers have also introduced new products and continued to develop more accurate products with more functions.

When communicating with our clients, we learned that to obtain more accurate test results, engineers very much hope to have a device that can flexibly adjust waveforms. They need a simulator to verify test challenges at each stage, such as signal processing, frequency response, system integration verification, etc. Therefore, the AECG100 + PPG-1R-525 Green Light Heart Rate Module came into being, which not only meets the flexible setting of PPG waveforms expected by engineers, but can also adjust the characteristic points of the waveform in a wide range and in detail.  
Also, with the original ECG function of AECG100, it can simultaneously send out ECG and PPG signals, adjust the parameters of Pulse Wave Transit Time (PWTT), and thus verify the accuracy of the blood pressure measurement algorithm.

In addition to the complete functions and flexible testing mentioned above, we also learned from our customers that engineers often need to quickly verify products before mass production. The PPG-1R-525 module can play recorded raw data or customized waveforms for repeated verification to facilitate the development process. It also contains the function of simulating respiratory changes, which can be superimposed on the test to get closer to the real situation and make the test more comprehensive.

To conduct testing more efficiently, we also provide a free Software Development Kit (SDK), which enables them to develop automated testing software by themselves, flexibly expand testing capabilities, and reduce human errors that may result from repeated settings and operations. We use the PPG-1R-525 module to accurately test the heart rate function of wearable devices, ensure accuracy and consistency, and meet product specification requirements. 





Basic Waveform Output

Outputs PPG Waveform, Sine, Triangle, Square, users can flexibly adjust large and fine parameters, and add DC offset signal testing.


PPG Signal Generation

Simulates Sine, Triangle, and PPG analog signals, providing signals of green, light. It can measure reflectance PPG heart rate, adjust the characteristic points of the PPG waveform in a large range, includes Systolic Peak (SP), Dicrotic Notch (DN), Diastolic Peak (DP), etc.


Adjustable Pulse Wave Transit Time

Simultaneously sends out ECG and PPG signals, adjusts the time difference between the two signals (PTTp, PTTf), and verifies the accuracy of the blood pressure algorithm of DUT.


Saving Test Parameters

Saves test parameters of different test items for integrated testing to reduce human errors.


Raw Data Playback

Replays raw data and reproduces clinically recorded or customized waveforms.


Automated Test

Supports automated testing, using software to control the entire testing process, and manually edit auto-sequence for testing.



Simulations that Are Closer to Time and Real Situations


  • Provides the function of simulating respiratory changes, making the superimposed test closer to the real situation



Raw Data Playback with High Repeatability and Reproducibility

  • Reproduces arrhythmia and other pathological waveforms  


Software Development Kit for Flexible Development of Testing Program

  • Users can develop automated testing software according to their needs to control the testing process, reducing the burden of repetitive operations during extensive testing



    PPG Mode (1)

    Heart RateSetting Range10 ~ 300BPM
    Minimum Step Size1BPM
    LED DC Level Reference OutputSetting Range100 ~ 3000mV
    Minimum Step Size1mV
    LED AC Level Reference OutputSetting Range0.75 ~ 30mV
    Minimum Step Size0.01mV
    LumenSetting Range50 ~ 925 Lux (full range) (5mm from diffusion film)
    Resolution(1 / 3000) full range
    LED Light WavelengthRange525nm
    LED Scan RateRate50 ~ 40kHz (Normal mode / Standalone mode) (2) ;
    10kHz (Raw data mode)
    PD Sample RateRate250kHz (single channel)
    PD Response TimeRising1μs Typical (varies from DUT LED intensity)
    Falling1μs Typical (varies from DUT LED intensity)

    (1) Applicable when used with the AECG100 only.
    (2) The standalone mode refers to the scenario where the user conducts tests using the three test modes stored in the AECG100 main unit without activating the AECG100 software.


    PWTT Mode

    Time Difference (PTTp, PTTf)Setting Range0 ~ 5999ms (for the heart rate setting as 10BPM. As the heart rate value increases, the setting range of time difference will decrease accordingly.)
    Minimum Step Size1ms


    Ordering information

    Heart Rate Module

    Part No.ImageDescriptionQuantity
    100-AE00002Model No.: PPG-1R-525
    Model Name: Reflectance Green Light Heart Rate Module


    Compatible Products

    Part No.ImageDescriptionQuantity
    100-AE00001Model No.: AECG100
    The main console unit for ECG testing.
    100-EC00002Model No.: SECG 5.0 AIO
    Model Name: Multi Vital Sign Simulator
    The standalone ECG simulator with 12 leads (RA, LA, LL, N, V1 - V6) output for ECG performance tests.


    Optional Calibration Service and Warranty Extension

    Part No.Description
    YY0007Model No.: C3
    Provides (3) years of calibration service coverage. WhaleTeq equipment can be calibrated to original performance on the basis of (1) year interval.
    YY0008Model No.: R3
    Extends the limited warranty from (1) year to (3) years.
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