PPG-1R-525 Reflectance Green Light Heart Rate Module
PPG-1R-525 Reflectance Green Light Heart Rate Module

Reflectance Green Light Heart Rate Module

The PPG-1R-525 works with the AECG100 main console and software, as the reflectance heart rate performance tester designed for R&D in manufacturers. This single-channel optical module outputs green light analog signals to test the heart rate function. Besides, it also allows users to adjust the green light's rate of change of respiratory signals in PPG and set up add-on noise. It's suitable for the development and verification of reflectance PPG products such as wearable heart rate monitoring devices to test performance.
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  • Works with the AECG100 main console and software to test heart rate, ECG, PPG, and PWTT functions
  • Outputs green light analog signals to simulate PPG signals
  • Adjustable PPG waveform parameters (amplitude, time, and heart rate) in a wide range and precise values for flexible test settings
  • ECG function with adjustable PWTT parameters to verify the accuracy of blood pressure measurement algorithms
  • Built-in 7 types of noise and respiratory variation simulation – add-on signals for more authentic testing
  • Equipped with Auto Sequence function – sorts the parameters of different test items into a designated order for automated testing while eliminating the need to develop automated testing programs
  • Raw data playback – plays recorded raw data or customized waveforms for repeated verification to facilitate the development process
  • Provides SDK supporting multiplatform for users to flexibly develop automated testing programs
  • Equipped with RCA to BNC ports to connect to an oscilloscope – outputs amplified and stable signals for viewing the voltage of AC analog signals of green light, optical signals received by the PPG-1R-525, and the switch status of green LED of DUT

Testing Scenario



PPG Mode

Heart RateSetting Range10 ~ 300BPM
Minimum Step Size1BPM
LED DC Level Reference OutputSetting Range100 ~ 3000mV
Minimum Step Size1mV
LED AC Level Reference OutputSetting Range0.75 ~ 30mV
Minimum Step Size0.01mV
LumenSetting Range50 ~ 925 Lux (full range) (5mm from diffusion film)
Resolution(1 / 3000) full range
LED Light WavelengthRange525nm
LED Scan RateRate50 ~ 40K (Normal mode); 10K (Raw data mode)
PD Sample RateRate250K (single channel)
PD Response TimeRising1μs Typical (varies from DUT LED intensity)
Falling1μs Typical (varies from DUT LED intensity)



Time Difference (PTTp, PTTf)Setting Range0 ~ 5999ms (for the heart rate setting as 10BPM. As the heart rate value increases, the setting range of time difference will decrease accordingly.)
Minimum Step Size1ms


Ordering information

PPG-1R-525 Test System

Model No.ImageDescription
100-AE00001 + 100-AE00002The test system includes the AECG100 main console unit and the PPG-1R-525 module.
Supports ECG / PWTT / PPG / Auto Sequence test modes.


Heart Rate Module

Model No.ImageDescription
100-AE00002PPG-1R-525 Reflectance green light heart rate module


Optional Calibration Service and Warranty Extension

Model No.Description
C3Provides (3) years of calibration service coverage. WhaleTeq equipment can be calibrated to original performance on the basis of (1) year interval.
R3Extends the limited warranty from (1) year to (3) years.
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