SECG 4.0
SECG 4.0

SECG 4.0

The ECG simulator designed for performance testing. Suitable for compliance and production line testing.
Compliant with IEC 60601-2-25, IEC 60601-2-27, IEC 60601-2-47, ANSI / AAMI EC11, ANSI / AAMI EC13, GB9706.225, GB9706.227, YY9706.247, YY1079, YY1139, YY0782, YY0885, JJG 760, JJG 1041, and JJG 1042.
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  • Single channel performance tester for diagnostic ECG, monitoring ECG and ambulatory ECG
  • Built-in test circuits as defined in ECG standards
  • Excellent shielding and grounding design makes amplitude and frequency accuracy < ± 1%
  • DC offset and pacemaker signal output can be adjustable
  • Load ECG file function enables to load and replay recorded or programmed waveforms
  • Offer alternative input of external generator for arbitrary waveforms
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) assists user to develop customized or automated test software with less efforts
  • Optional Standard Assistant software pack simplifies the medical standard with test sequences, options, parameters and pass criterions

Note: To download the Linux SDK, please visit the Download page.


ParametersSpecificationsSystem capability
Main output voltage accuracy±1% for amplitudes of 0.5mVpp or higher±0.3%
Main output voltage resolution
(DAC resolution)
Frequency / pulse repetition rate accuracy±1%±0.1%
Pulse duration / timing accuracy (excluding pacing)±1ms±0.2ms
Pacing pulse width accuracy±5µs±1µs
Pacing pulse amplitude accuracy, range±2mV pulse: ±1%
>2mV pulse: ±10%
Range: ±2mV ~ ±700mV
±2mV pulse: ±0.3%
100mV pulse: ±1% or ±5mV
Pacing pulse characteristicsRise/fall time 5µs
Overshoot <1%
Settling time <1%
Pacing pulse overshoot (intentional)Method A according to IEC 60601-2-27 
Resistor tolerance±1%±0.5%
Capacitor tolerance±5%±5%
Precision 1000:1 divider (100KΩ:100Ω)±0.2%±0.1%
Sample rate5kHz ± 0.1%5kHz ± 0.05% (50ppm)
DC offset 
(fixed, noise free, from internal supercapacitor)
300mV ± 1%300mV ±0.1%
DC offset 
(variable, may include up to 50µVpp noise)
Setting ±1% or ±3mVSetting ±1% or ±3mV

Ordering information

SECG 4.0 Test System

Part No.DescriptionQuantity
100-EC00102Model No.: SECG 4.0
Single channel ECG test system for 12 leads (RA, LA, LL, N, V1 - V6), including one ECG breakout box (BB-C1) and 12 compound terminals


Optional Software Add-on Pack

Part No.Description
HA0-SE0F001Auto setup for IEC 60601-2-25:2011 performance tests
HA0-SE0F002Auto setup for IEC 60601-2-27:2011 performance tests
HA0-SE0F003Auto setup for IEC 60601-2-47:2012 performance tests
HA0-SE0F004Auto setup for China YY1079-2008 performance tests
HA0-SE0F005Auto setup for China YY1139-2013 performance tests
HA0-SE0F006Auto setup for China YY0782-2010 performance tests
HA0-SE0F007Auto setup for China YY0885-2013 performance tests
HA0-SE0F008Auto setup for China JJG760-2003 performance tests
HA0-SE0F010Auto setup for China JJG1042-2008 performance tests
HA0-SE0F011Auto setup for China JJG1041-2008 performance tests
HA0-SE0F012Auto setup for China GB 9706.225-2021 performance tests
HA0-SE0F013Auto setup for China GB 9706.227-2021 performance tests
HA0-SE0F014Auto setup for China YY 9706.247-2021 performance tests


Optional Accessory

Part No.DescriptionQuantity
100-OT00001USB isolator for reducing the power noise from PC. Recommended to use with SECG 4.0, MECG 2.0, HRS200, HRS100+, SEEG 100 and SEEG 100E.1


Optional Calibration Service and Warranty Extension

Part No.Description
YY0007Model No.: C3
Provides (3) years of calibration service coverage. WhaleTeq equipment can be calibrated to original performance on the basis of (1) year interval.
YY0008Model No.: R3
Extends the limited warranty from (1) year to (3) years.


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