The first parallel testing ECG tester designed for production lines can simultaneously test ECG function on up to 4 wearable devices with a single computer to accelerate testing time.
This tester provides IEC 60601-2-47 test items and outputs 7 types of standard ECG waveforms to assist DUTs in conforming with regulatory requirements.
For customized testing, the raw data playback function can reproduce clinical data or user-defined waveforms to help users verify that the DUTs meet the manufacturer's specifications. This tester integrates needed equipment to optimize testing efficiency while ensuring product quality and a stable production process. It’s suitable for manufacturers who have mass-production needs on wearable devices with the ECG function.
Compliance tests conforming with IEC 60601-2-47, China YY0885, and YY 9706.247-2021
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  • Integrates IEC 60601-2-47 test items*, including dynamic range, input impedance, frequency response, etc.
  • Equipped with 4 sets of electrode terminals - RA/LA/RLD electrode terminals on each set to meet testing needs for wearable device's ECG function
  • Outputs 7 types of standard ECG waveforms - ECG Waveform, Sine, Triangle, Square, Exponential, Rectangle Pulse, and Triangle Pulse
  • Provides SDK - users can flexibly develop automated testing programs and control multiple WECG400 to test more than 4 DUTs simultaneously
  • Supports sequential testing - tests DUTs one at a time according to a user-defined sequence
  • Equipped with 4 DUT Monitor ports to connect to an oscilloscope - amplifies the ECG signals to help users monitor the signal output with higher resolutions
  • Rack-mountable and easy to deploy with the 1U height design

*Note: For the two test items as system noise and common mode rejection, please refer to the CMRR 3.0+ Common Mode Rejection Ratio Tester for testing.


Testing Scenario - Single WECG400


Testing Scenario - Multiple WECG400




Standard ECG waveforms

ECG WaveformFrequency (Hz)0.02 ~ 6Hz0.01
Frequency (BPM)1 ~ 360BPM1
Amplitude(-5) ~ 5mV0.01
SineFrequency (Hz)0.05 ~ 500Hz0.01
Frequency (BPM)3 ~ 30000BPM1
Amplitude(-10) ~ 10mV0.01
TriangleFrequency (Hz)0.05 ~ 500Hz0.01
Frequency (BPM)3 ~ 30000BPM1
Amplitude(-10) ~ 10mV0.01
SquareFrequency (Hz)0.05 ~ 500Hz0.01
Frequency (BPM)3 ~ 30000BPM1
Amplitude(-10) ~ 10mV0.01
ExponentialFrequency (Hz)0.05 ~ 5Hz0.01
Frequency (BPM)3 ~ 300BPM1
Amplitude(-5) ~ 5mV0.01
Rectangle PulseFrequency (Hz)0.05 ~ 5Hz0.01
Frequency (BPM)3 ~ 300BPM1
Amplitude(-5) ~ 5mV0.01
Pulse width (frequency: 0.05Hz)1 ~ 300ms1
Pulse width (frequency: 5Hz)1 ~ 200ms1
Triangle PulseFrequency (Hz)0.05 ~ 5Hz0.01
Frequency (BPM)3 ~ 300BPM1
Amplitude(-5) ~ 5mV0.01
Pulse width (frequency: 0.05Hz)1 ~ 300ms1
Pulse width (frequency: 5Hz)1 ~ 200ms1


Input Impedance / Frequency Response Signal add-on

ParametersRangeDefault ValuesResolutions
Play raw dataSample rateMaximum: 40K Hz--
DC offset (non-Variable)-300, 0, +300mV0mV300
DC offset (Variable)(-1000) ~ 1000mV0mV100
Input impedance switch100Ω (short circuit)--
620kΩ / 4.7 nF on/offOff (on: short circuit)-
10MΩ / 180 pF on/offOff (on: short circuit)-


Product System Capacity and Standard Requirements Table

ParametersSpecificationsSystem Capability
Main output voltage accuracy±1% for amplitudes of 0.5mVpp or higher±0.3%
Main output voltage resolution
(DAC resolution)
Frequency / pulse repetition rate accuracy±1%±0.1%
Pulse duration / timing accuracy±1ms±0.2ms
Resistor tolerance±1%±0.5%
Capacitor tolerance±5%  ±5% 
Precision 1000 : 1 divider   ±0.5% ±0.3% 
Sample rate 5kHz ± 0.1% 10kHz ± 0.05% (50ppm) 
DC offset
(fixed, noise-free, sourced from the internal supercapacitor)
300mV ± 1% 300mV ± 0.1% 
DC offset
(variable, up to 1000mV)
Setting ±1% or ±3mV Setting ±1% or ±3mV 
Environment 15 ~ 30°C (by design)
30 ~ 80% RH (by design) 
5 ~ 40°C
30 ~ 80% RH
altitude < 2000M
Overvoltage CAT II 


Ordering information

WECG400 Standard Package

Model No.ImageDescription
100-AE00009Parallel Testing ECG Tester for wearable device production lines

Optional Accessories

Model No.ImageDescription
S92-0204021DC12V Power Adaptor x 1
K21-0738301RCA to BNC Cable x 2
K27-1800301USB Cable x 1
K22-1050101Signal Grounding Wire x 1
K29-1000801Grounding Wire x 1
N54-0120013Compound Terminal x 12

Optional Calibration Service and Warranty Extension

Model No.Description
C3Provides (3) years of calibration service coverage. WhaleTeq equipment can be calibrated to original performance on the basis of (1) year interval.
R3Extends the limited warranty from (1) year to (3) years.
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