MECG 2.0
MECG 2.0

MECG 2.0

The ECG database player designed for system validation and software algorithm evaluation. Suitable for R&D and compliance testing.
Compliant with IEC 60601-2-25, IEC 60601-2-47, ANSI / AAMI EC57, YY0782 and YY0885.
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  • Load and replay multi-channel ECG waveforms for diagnostic and ambulatory ECG
  • Output analog signals simultaneously up to 8 channels and support 12 lead ECG
  • Embedded CAL, ANE, NST and biological waveforms
  • Directly support AHA, MIT, CU, NST, ESC and PhysioNet format databases
  • Support digital file playback function for user to repeatedly play clinical-recorded or programmed waveforms
  • Extreme output voltage resolution 0.15μV for MECG 2.0 (2020)
  • Command replay function enables to program test sequences with commands
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) allows to develop customized or automated test software with less efforts


ItemsDetails / ReferenceValues
Output channelsThe 8 output channels are provided through a network as specified in IEC 60601-2-51 to provide signals to 10 lead electrodes; in the device under test, this will be displayed as 12 leads.8 outputs
10 lead electrodes
12 leads
Voltage accuracyIEC 60601-2-51 specifies a limit of ±1%, but does not provide a lower limit (all systems must have a lower limit). An inferred specification of 1% ±5µV is derived from the device under test specification in IEC 60601-2-51 of 5% ±25µV.For MECG 2.0, ±1% for values greater or equal to 500μV and ±5μV for values under 500μV.
For MECG 2.0 (2020), ±1% for values greater or equal to 100μV. ±5μV for values under 100μV.
Output voltage resolutionMECG 2.0 uses 12 bit DAC and MECG 2.0 (2020) uses 16 bit DAC.MECG 2.0 for 2.4μV and MECG 2.0 (2020) for 0.15μV 
Output voltageThe output voltage on most of the database and ECG is +5mV~-5mV.±5mV
Output noise
level 0-150Hz
Output noise should not influence the test. A value a 5µV is suitable for this requirement. Can be verified by monitoring the signal in the device under test using a “diagnostic” filter setting.<5µV
Time accuracyIEC 60601-2-51 does not provide any limits. An inferred limit from the device under test. An inferred limit of ±1% is used. The system’s design accuracy exceeds 0.1% as a 100ppm crystal reference is used.±1%
Sampling rateA maximum sampling rate of 1kHz matches the sampling rates of ECG files.1kHz (8 channels)
Power supplyPowered from the USB supply (5V 0.2A)N/A
EnvironmentIntended for normal laboratory environment. The selection of critical components such as reference voltages, DAC, precision resistors are known to be stable in the range shown.15 - 30°C
10 - 95% RH

Ordering information

MECG 2.0 Test System

Model No.Description
MECG 2.0Multi channel ECG simulator equipped with 16 bit DAC for 12 leads (RA, LA, LL, N, V1–V6) output, including one ECG breakout box (BB-C1) and 12 compound terminals


Optional Software Add-on Pack

Model No.Description
EDF-MECGEDF file format playback function with PhysioNet Non-Invasive Fetal ECG Database download capability. Recommend to use with MECG 2.0.


Optional Accessory

Model No.Description
WUI100USB isolator for reducing the power noise from PC. Recommanded to use with SECG 4.0, MECG 2.0, HRS200, HRS100+ and SEEG 100.


Optional Calibration Service and Warranty Extension

Model No.Description
C3Provides (3) years of calibration service coverage. WhaleTeq equipment can be calibrated to original performance on the basis of (1) year interval.
R3Extends the limited warranty from (1) year to (3) years.


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